Chignal Cricket Club

Chignal Cricket Club 1st XI squad

1st XI

Captain : James Gibson

Son of Douglas

Vice Captain : Matt Porter

Moved to Chignal for regular cricket after Captain Mawer saw his potential as an opening bat.. sometimes bowls but usually with multiple bounces!

Known as Janet...
Alistair Bevitt-Smith
known as Baghdad because he's dangerous...
Vin Chauhan
The only person present at the opening of the club house that is still playing.. has been banned from retiring even though he now lives a couple of hours away from Chignal.

Most reliable bowler EVER!
Martin Clarke
Martin has finally found where Caitlan hides the keys to the handcuffs so hopes to play a bit more this year..

The clubs "Mr Fix It" which is a role he enjoys immensely!
Ross Cunnah
Always available but never plays.. had a one night stand with Tracy from his former club.
Dilan Fernando
Dilan, chief taster for McVities biscuits has an inconsistent availability at best...

when he plays he is a game changer.. nearly hit the church once!
Tim Gardiner
Tim is the only person to ever get out because he was distracted by a rare ant.

Big fan of the paddle sweep although im yet to see him make contact with the ball whilst playing the shot.

Farely reliable grenade thrower but still to be unleashed on the league.. maybe next week Tim ;-)
David Gibson
Son of Douglas, Nephew of Alan, Brother of Jibo!
Sam Hodgson
Close personal friend of Olly Murs, Sam is the quickest bowler at the club following the departure of Tom Bird and Taimoor.. although the imminent return of Taimoor may change this!

Getting better with the bat and actually paid for nets!!
Ravinath Jayakody
Loves a 12 incher
Jake Lee
Following a less than convincing season as "fat keeper jake" he is now back to being thin and raring to go..

Has requested he be used more in the field as losing interest in the gloves so we'll see what happens!
Robbie Lee
Suprised us all by declaring himself available for the 2014 season despite his recent change in relationship status following his shacking up with fellow TOWIE star Fran Parman.

Had a decent start to the season in the Danbury friendly and has taken on the prestigious role of 1st XI Vice Captain...
James Mawer
Despite being a life member of a rival t rippon club James was handed the 1st XI captaincy for the 2014 season. The fact we now only have 1 XI is irrelevant!

Seems to have a mate at every T Rippon club and  still one day hopes to secure the signing of Youngy from the Waltham!

Biraveenan Pirathapan
Not really sure what Biv does tbh... used to bowl but is now shit so hes having a go behind the stumps! ;-)

Has been known to hide stuff down his pants in shops and then get caught on CCTV!

Also farms goats....
Richard Pooley
The club's latest celebrity member was made famous when he was chosen ahead of thousands of applicants to be the face of birketts.. you may recognise him from the poster in the train station where he was juggling pigs!**

Was touted as the future Athena poster man but this never materialised!

** sadly this poster has been replaced by a girl with an apple on her head.
Harshith Shah
The 2nd XI's only leg spin bowler.. often seen bowling at people heads.

Not a bad batsman. Massive fan of the late cut!

His dad invented electric cables and is buying an IPL franchise...
Goutham thakur
i am so passionate abt cricket..!! and i really like to be with my chignal mates.!! 
Peter Thorn
The clubs very own Mr. T.... always puts in maximum effort in the field but has been known to stop the ball with his face in the weeks leading up to weddings!

He pitys the fool.
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